Monday, May 13, 2013

My Three SL Wishes MEME

Hello everyone, i've been away for a month almost, travel and working in real a lot, but now im back and i wanna do this Meme, its old i know but i like it a lot, thanks again Strawberry Singh for all these nice challenges!

1. I wish i can take some nice shoots as Strawberry Singh does - I am a photographer in real life and i still didnt figure out how she make that great pictures, i really hope that one day i will be able to take such a nice shoot as she does. Thank you because u sharing with us!

2. I wish i can have a search bar on the Received Items folder - It is really a huge mess what i have there, i know i should move them into inventory since i get them but...late now for regrets, i know i should go there right now and arrange and move them ...i just wait and hope that one day im gona find a search bar there so i wont cry when i dont find things, lost so many this way (not lost, but lazy to search :p)

3. I wish i can make my own rigged clothes - I am really mad at myself that i dont have enough patience to learn how to rigg my own creations, after weeks of tutorials maybe months i finally know how to use this great software for making clothes called Marvelous Designer, but now... another problem, i need to make them rigged and i have no ideea how, im sure soon or later ill learn that too but...everything takes time!

What i am wearing