Monday, April 8, 2013

My Ten SL Firsts Meme

Strawberry Singh challenge us again with a new Meme and not easy one :)))) , here are my firsts 10 ...

1. First SL Friend - Missoni Resident, she bring me in SL from IMVU so she was my first friend here

2. First SL Kiss - Ufff first kiss....hmm i honestly cant remember if i kissed someone before my first bf here, anyway if i did of corse was a newb and sure i dont remember the name...

3. First SLex time/place/partner - Have no ideea if that ever happend, i think i lost my memory... 

4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband -  Never been married in SL.

5. First SL Job - I never got a job in SL as newb, i was too shy to go apply for any job because i wasnt sure that my avi looking good enough, but later i used to play music in some clubs for my friends and feel so shy using the Tip Jar :$

6. First SL Creation - :)))))))) this is so bad question Berry, but fine.... i made this ugly and bad and horror Scarf , and when u wear it ur shoe base gone, dont ask why, have no ideea :)))

7. First Encounter with a Linden - Never.... , is this good or bad? 

8. First Encounter with a SLebrity - Hmmm i wont give a name because i dont want to make some drama here, was a bad experience, i still think that some SLebrity are rude with the "normal" people, i bought a fatpack of jackets and never receive them, i sent NC with transaction history and they didnt sent me the fatpack just asked me to choose a color coz they wont send me all, even if i paid already...

9. First SL Sim u feel in love with - Oh wow, that was Tempura, and i am still in love with this Sim, its just so perfect and so relaxing, just sometimes i hate the lag there but, its amazing!

10. First SL Blog Post - Lol, my first blog post was about a male jacket just released, didnt knew anything about blogging at that time and still have a lot to learn, actually i was hating to blog but later im in love, i check everyday, milion times, Berry's blog for new Meme's :P, the first post Here.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Five SL Pet Peeves Meme

Ahhhh i wish was a top ten of this... or even more :D

1. MASS TP - Oh my God i haaaaate this, it is sooo annoying, honestly, and happens many times while i was creating and my avi beeing naked to just TP by mistake to God knows what clubs, and what to do in such situation?? Just log off....awkward moment..!

2. Random friendships from club owners or staff - I mean.. come on, if u are the owner of any club u think that will give u the right to be in my friends list? NO WAY ! I dont like people who add you just like that without even "Hello" i dont like people who have NOTHING to say, maybe thats why i have only few people in my friends list and they are all special <3

3. GESTURES - Ahhhh, why people need to use that???? What makes u special if u use that stupid voices, no offence BUT..........., u cant hear the music, ur screen its filled with all that things, u cant chat local, u cant see if someone says Hi to u and later they will say i dont wanna answear, im not a rude person, i always answear to anyone but sometime si just cant read the chat coz of this damn gestures, thanks God i can, at least stop the sound, i would quit SL for good if not !

4. Group Notice - Some of the store owners, when they release something new, they start sending notecards and i said NOTECARDS, in 1 hour making u crazy sending same and same notecard over and over again, WHAT FOR? we are not blind... we read it once... twice... why u need to send it BILION times..that wont make us buy or visit ur store, that will make us leave the group FOREVER!

5. "Wow u look beautiful, can u send me 100 L$ ?" - Uff, it happens sometimes and really bother me so much, eighter u say only "Wow u look beautiful" or "Can u send me 100 L$?" NEVER put these together, u wont get anything except HUGE BLOCK!

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